Retractable Awning Retractable Sun Shades


Sunwise Awnings in Christchurch designs, manufactures and supplies our patented Sunwise retractable awning system and the latest in retractable vertical screens. The Sunwise Awning is a robust and attractive retractable awning that provides effective, adjustable shading to outdoor areas and exposed interior glass.

New Zealand's climate is variable, with changes in temperature, sun, rain and wind occurring frequently. Our Sunwise retractable awning is the only New Zealand awning that has been designed specifically to withstand these extreme conditions, due to their superior design and strength.

Sunwise Awnings are the most versatile awnings on the market; designed to suit almost any application. They can be attached to existing buildings, pergolas or a specifically-designed support structure. We offer a professional design service to assist in the layout and support of the awnings. Whatever your requirements, we will make it work for you.

Sunwise Awnings is 100 percent New Zealand-owned and operated.  Our products are quality New Zealand-designed products, protected by New Zealand and Australian patents.  We distribute our screens and awnings nationwide.

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